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Assignment 1: Develop an Adveristy Plan

To be a winner, develop an adversity plan. First write down a list of five relevant events that could happen during the week, or month, that could be considered an obstacle or hurdle. Next, create a corresponding list of positive responses to the adversity. Remember, it is not the event that defines you as a person, but rather your response will determine whether or not you can overcome it and grow
from it.

Adversity                                                             Positive  Response






Assignment 2: Have an early morning happy hour

When most people wake up, they rub their eyes and then begin to think about all the tasks they must do in the day. When this list is overwhelming, and on many occasions it is, you may want to stay in bed.

Instead, be prepared to have an early morning happy hour. Try this exercise-when you wake up in the morning tomorrow, focus on three things you are thankful in your life. It could be your spouse, your children, your health, your upcoming vacation-Focus on something that puts a smile on your face. Make this a habit for every morning and you will find that when you make this choice-happiness will fill your cup on the early hour.

Assignment 3: Develop a best friend's journal

It is easy to get into a negative thinking habit. It is much more difficult to develop a habit in which you give yourself praise-like a best friend would. To create this habit, develop your own best friend’s journal. In this journal write a positive self-statement every day about what you want to happen. For instance, one day you would write: “I am the top sales producer in my company” or “I have great charisma. The next time, you might write: “All my business associates enjoy my humor”. Keep this journal in your office and write one best friend statement each day. Also, at an appropriate time, such as before a big meeting, read a few entries from the past weeks for  a golden jolt of positive energy.