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This Emotional Toughness Training course teaches you one of the main secrets of success.

When you master your emotions, you will master your world. Whether it is in business, school, or music, emotional mastery is the secret to becoming successful in whatever you do. Being calm under pressure, finding your confidence after rejection, and having the ability to get pumped up in a moment’s notice will be your key to success.

To develop emotional toughness, you must develop positive emotional habits.
To develop these positive emotional habits, this course is broken into 6 emotional strengths. When you master these strengths, you will have emotional toughness and be successful in whatever you do from business to sports to relationships.


Emotional Awareness

This section is about self-awareness: the cornerstone to change. Learn how to understand when your energies peak and capitalize on those periods. Learn how to know when it’s time to recharge and refuel. Learn why you play your best and why you choke.


Emotional Preparedness

This section is about boosting your confidence. Events rarely go as planned. Being emotionally ready when difficulty arises boosts your confidence. Learn how to build confidence with positive self-talk and positive images.  Learn how to stay optimistic regardless of outcome.


Emotional Bravado

This section is about overcoming your fears and anxiety. Fear creates negative energy. Learn to channel the negative energy of fear into a positive action, an opportunity to grow. Learn how to turn adversity into an advantage.


Emotional Connectedness

This section is about enhancing your focus and concentration. You must connect with the moment and focus your energy in the here and now to be successful and happy. Learn how to be full present and focused and this will keep you on your path to success.


Emotional Drive

This section is about boosting your motivation. Knowledge and intention are not enough to reach the top. You must be motivated and inspired. Learn to be proactive and take action to experience success. Learn how to keep the fire burning bright on the inside, regardless of what is happening to you.


Emotional Balance

Success is a long journey. It will take much more than winning to sustain our hunger. We need balance as well as meaning and purpose to make this long trek to the top. Learn how to stay balanced on your path to success and happiness.